Heritage Village COVID-19 Information Page

What Is Heritage Village Doing During COVID-19? 
According to the Pomperaug District Department of Health, as of November 23, there have been 376 confirmed cumulative cases of COVID-19 in Southbury. 
The safety, security, and well-being of Heritage Village residents is our number one priority. We have proactively implemented several preventative measures due to the coronavirus. We will continue to follow the recommendations of state and local officials and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and will take appropriate additional action if needed.
     Self-quarantine is the best defensive measure we can take against COVID-19. Not being in the presence of family and friends is one of the most unfortunate side effects of what we must do to stay safe. Those of us with smartphones and computers may use technologies like Skype or FaceTime to see and be seen by family and friends. Nothing can replace a hug by a loved one during stressful times, but a digital hug is second best.
Our New Guidelines: 
Self-Quarantine Update
Thank you for continuing to practice safe social distancing during this turbulent time. As an extra precautionary measure, we are requesting that a 14-day self-quarantine be imposed when you return to Heritage Village from traveling; for any new Tenant(s) or new Unit Owner(s); or for any family member(s) temporarily staying with you. We are all in this together, and it is up to each one of us to do what we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Heritage Village and the community.
Pond-Walking Rules
There are new signs on the pond-walking paths asking all residents to walk in the same direction. Please follow these signs and DO NOT GET WITHIN 6 FEET OF ANYBODY WALKING IN FRONT OF YOU.
Heritage Village's Facilities
The town of Southbury has announced a Red Zone due to the resurgence of Covid-19, and as of November 12 all Foundation Buildings and facilities are closed to residents.
     The Fitness Center, Activities Building, Meeting House, Ethan Allen Library, Lodge, Fireside Lounge, and Stable Studios will remain closed until further notice. Tennis, platform tennis, and pickleball courts are also closed.
COVID-19 Messages from HVMA Administration
Our Reopening Plans: 
Our first small step toward reopening began on May 4, as we brought back staff who work on grounds or on projects that can be done without interacting with residents. This decision was based on having adequate PPE (personal protection equipment) to provide for the maximum amount of safety measures; we will also be checking the temperatures of all staff upon entering for work and advising all staff with any ailment to stay home.
     Another step toward reopening: the tennis, platform tennis, and pickleball courts reopened on Monday, June 8. As of now, only singles matches will be allowed. New guidelines have been developed for each racquet sport to allow for social distancing and to protect both your health as well as the health of your neighbors. Play hours are 8am to 2pm. Before you start playing, both players need to call the Activities Registrar at 203-264-9644(option 1 or extension 221) on weekdays between 8:15 am and 3:45 pm to learn about the waiver you need to sign, about being screened for COVID-19, and to make your reservations. You can reserve no earlier than two business days ahead.
Round Robin Pickleball: click here for the new guidelines.
HVMA Waiver Release and Hold Harmless Agreement: click here to download.
One giant leap toward reopening: Pools 3 and 4 will open for the season beginning Monday, July 20, right before the dog days of August. New rules will be in effect this year, to allow Residents to enjoy themselves, while still protecting the health and safety of the entire Village.
     This summer, only Heritage Village Residents will be allowed to use the pools—no guests or children will be permitted entry. We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause.
     To use the pools, a Villager will need to sign a waiver as well as make a reservation 3 days (72 hrs) in advance up until 3:30pm the day before your requested swim time. Except Saturday and Sunday when the cut off is 3:30pm on Fridays.You can reserve your time by phone to Activities 203-264-9644 option 1 or on the website heritagevlgct.org through SignUpGenius. No weekend reservations after 3:30pm Fridays. Only 1 reservation per person per day.The waivers will be kept on file, and the reservations can be made using our new, easy-to-use system, which you will find right on the Heritage Village Website’s Homepage. Just look for “Online Reservations” in the blue bands to the right of your computer screen or to the bottom of your cell phone’s, which will go live on Saturday, July 18.
     To learn about the many new guidelines for using the pools during the pandemic, please click here.
We will let residents know about any further reopening decisions promptly. 
Our Volunteers: 
The Grocery Brigade
The Town of Southbury Senior Services, led by Senior Services Director Tamath Rossi with the help of the Knights of Columbus and other local volunteers, shopped for and delivered groceries to seniors in Southbury during the worst of Connecticut’s coronavirus crisis. As of June 1, its last day for taking orders, the Grocery Brigade had purchased more than $75,000 worth of groceries on behalf of Southbury’s senior citizens.
     The last food deliveries by the Grocery Brigade were made on Tuesday, June 9.
     Tamath Rossi explained that, “While we had hoped we could sustain through the end of June, we have been increasingly stressed with volunteer, bus, and driver shortages.”
     A hearty thank you to everyone involved in this generous program.
     If you still need your groceries delivered, take a look at the section “Do You Need Help Grocery Shopping” by scrolling down on this page. 
Heritage Helpers
As Connecticut closed down in March for “Stay Safe, Stay Home,” Southbury resident Meris Rader became concerned about the large senior population in our town. Wanting to help, she took to Facebook. Within a couple of hours, her post received more than 100 comments from other worried neighbors. 
     Kathy Forte contacted Meris and, after some brainstorming with fellow resident Sarah D’Uva and staff member Jenn Fenn, Heritage Helpers was born. Volunteers are paired up with about 40 seniors, calling to check in with them and to provide emotional support at a time of isolation.  
     Meris herself paired up with 92-year-old Thelma, known as “Teddy.” She talks to Teddy three times a week and has taken great pleasure in getting to know her. It’s now all in the family: Meris’s kids have also gotten to know Teddy and make cards for her. 
     Thank you, Meris, Kathy, Sarah, Jenn and all of the Heritage Helpers for your aid in getting Villagers through these lonely days of quarantine.    
The Sewing Circles
After the state required face masks to be worn, a wave of sewers, crafters, and members of our Quilting Club arose to fulfill the needs of Heritage Village residents and staff. Some of the standouts were: Arlene Lynch, who made masks for her cluster, for Condo 18 board members, and for staff; Evelyn Russo, who sewed masks for Villagers, their friends, and St. Mary’s maternity ward; Mae Mello, Trish Palmer, and Diana Serednitsky, who also made and donated masks, and the rest of our Quilting Club, who contributed masks for the HVMA staff. 
The Calling Buddies
When the pandemic forced all of us in the Village to shelter in place, residents Sarah D’Uva and Kathy Forte decided to reach out to each Villager. They went through our directory page by page and solicited volunteers to call everyone listed.
    Their message? You are not alone; we care about your health and safety. Callers asked  residents if they would like a buddy to regularly touch base. Not surprisingly, several residents responded in the affirmative. The Calling Buddies were born.
     The Southbury Ladies Group expressed interest in helping with this project. So when Sarah, Kathy, and their callers received the name of an interested Villager, they passed it on to the group. More and more volunteers are now calling residents to check in. Because it takes a Village to keep our neighbors safe. 
     We salute the Calling Buddies, the Southbury Ladies Group, and all volunteers involved, including Sarah and Kathy, Nicole Kulis, Meris Rader, Jennifer Craglior, Andrea Thoennessen, Rachel Van Ness, Mary Lee Taylor, Lisa Siedlecki, Greg Gibson, Patty O'Hanlon, Sarah D'Uva, Courtney Gibson, Barbara Mechler, Nate Gibson, Tina Rhodes, Andrea Carly White, Donna Gibson, Carol Bates, Ron D’Uva, Alice Baye, Terri Petruzzi, Kathy Kovatch.
What Do YOU Need to Know During the Covid-19 crisis? 
Your Own Health
Your Symptoms 
Are you worried that you might have caught the virus? 
This symptom list from Yale New Haven Health should help. 

How and Where to Get Tested  
COVID-19 Hotlines
If you have questions regarding the COVID-19 virus, or feel that you have symptoms of the virus, please call these hotlines.
• Danbury Hospital: 888-667-9262. Hours: 7 days a week, 8am-6pm. 
• Griffin Health: 203-204-1053. Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm.
• Hartford Healthcare: 860-972-8100 or toll-free 833-621-0600. Hours: 24/7
• Yale New Haven Health: 1-833-275-9644. Hours: Monday through Friday, 7am-7pm. 
If you have an emergency situation, please call 911.
How to Protect Yourself from Getting COVID-19
How to Stay Active Mentally and Physically While Social Distancing 
Tamath Rossi of the Southbury Senior Center has provided a list of links to activities, music, exercise, and more to keep people active and occupied. 
Do You Need Help? 
Do You Need Help Grocery Shopping?
Now that the Grocery Brigade has shut down, do you still need groceries delivered to your home? If you do, you might try ShopRite at Home by calling 203-262-1477, LaBonne’s To Go Delivery Service at https://labonnes.com/togo, Stop & Shop’s delivery service, https://www.peapod.com, or Market 32 in Oxford, which delivers through Instacart, https://www.instacart.com. Also, The Farm Woodbury ships a box through UPS of selected vegetables and fruits weekly https://stores.woodburysugarshed.com/farmers-table-fresh-produce-box-delivered-ups/.
Do You Need Takeout Food? 
Southbury Restaurants Are Offering Pickup and Delivery (but call to confirm)
Do You Need Spiritual Help? 
Places of Worship Offering Online Services
Are You Worried About COVID-19 and Your Pets?
Are You Worried About Scammers? 
During times of uncertainty such as these there come new ways for people to take advantage of others. Please be aware that there are new scams that you may need to watch out for.  
What Are Our State and Town Doing During COVID-19? 
How Is Southbury Doing? 
For current information from the Pomperaug District Department of Health, please click here.
News from the State of Connecticut
Governor Ned Lamont's Latest News on COVID-19
Do You Want to Sign Up to CT’s Emergency Alert? 
News from the Town of Southbury 
To learn about Southbury’s reopening, rules, and regulations during COVID-19, please click here.