There's No Place Like Heritage Village                                              

A unique, 55+ active adult community located in Connecticut's beautiful town of Southbury, surrounded by natural ponds, rivers, and trails. Residents enjoy a wide variety of clubs, activities, tennis courts, and beautiful private pools. An 18 hole golf course that winds its way through Heritage Village is available for membership also, a 9 hole course and par 3 course are adjacent to the village. It's a hub of activity situated peacefully and conveniently between the excitement of Manhattan, and all the best of Boston. We are home to a diverse group of active, friendly residents who will tell you “Heritage Village is a great place to visit and an even better place to call home."   


President & CEO Gerry Leventhal's Letter to Trustees and Staff

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August 7th Board of Trustees/Directors Special Meeting

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2020 Proposed HVF/HVMA Budget

2020 Budget Q&A

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Proposed Budget for 2020  To view then click on HVF or HVMA Financials


Dam Construction Schedule
Meter Replacement Project
Eversource Energy has reported that Heritage Village will be one of the first large scale meter replacement projects in Connecticut given the high number of homes within close proximity of one another. Approximately 4,000 meters will be replaced.
WHEN will this occur? Replacements are expected to be performed between AUGUST 21 and SEPTEMBER 10.  There will be six, two-person crews working between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. (approximate hours), Monday through Friday.
WHO will be doing the work? An Eversource vendor, ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS, has been hired to perform the work. The vehicles will have an Eversource contractor magnet and the employees will have an Eversource contractor badge. The vendors are E1 licensed electricians.
WHAT should the homeowner expect? There will be a brief interruption of power for only a few seconds. Complete meter transfer takes about one minute to finalize.
If you have questions, please contact Brenda McWilliams at 203-264-9644 x133.
As the Pomperaug River has reached its second trigger point of the low-flow plan this week, Heritage Village Water Company, the Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition and the town of Southbury are asking residents in the Pomperaug River Basin to voluntarily reduce their water use. 
For tips on conserving water please go to the Heritage Village Water website at www.heritagevillagewater.com/conservation.  
New Community Resource Officer
Roger J. Giordano was introduced to the new Community Resource Officer who will be handling Heritage Village. Also, at this meeting was First Selectman Jeff Manville. Officer Robert Burke will begin on August 1st, his office will be located on the second floor of the Meeting House.
New Pickleball Courts
The new pickleball courts are open at pool 4. You can reserve playtime at activities, or for round-robin play just show up Monday through Sunday between 8:30 AM and 11 AM. Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. If you are a beginner or have never played, "Learn to play" sessions are offered Saturdays and Wednesdays starting at 8:30 AM. Equipment will be provided. Speak to Tom Adamski for any questions.
2019 Community Gathering and Jane Krukowski Awards
Betty Valentino and her team, pictured below, always put their everything into making sure that a good time is had by all at the annual Community Gathering and Jane Krukowski Awards.This year was no exception. 
Things were done a little differently this year with lunch being served to the employees and a dedicated raffle for the employees.Residents were invited afterwards to join the employees for dessert and the announcement of the two Jane Krukowski Award winners, Regina Hamel and Joe Martins.
Regina Hamel, the Village’s Manager of Finance has been with the Village for twenty-six years.She works tirelessly to assist residents and staff always with a smile on her face while taking on added responsibilities without hesitation.  Congratulations, Regina!!
Carpenter Joe Martins has worked in Heritage Village for 30 years!  He goes above and beyond to make sure the job gets done and the residents are happy.His co-workers look up to him as a patient respectful boss and feel lucky to be working with him.Congratulations, Joe!  
Resident Shows Appreciation to Employees
Donna Spano of Condo 6, Cluster 6 has for the past four years brought in lunch and dessert for the dedicated, extremely hard working and talented landscaping crew that she feels she is very fortunate to have at Heritage Village. She said this has been by far the best job she has seen, and that Cluster 6 looks beautiful. Prior to moving here, Donna was a former owner of a condo in Monroe and before that Stamford, CT. She has never lived in a place more beautiful than here. She has always felt very safe here and that everything is managed very carefully. It was not like that in previous condos she owned. She thanks, Roger Giordano, for all that he and his staff do every day to make living here wonderful. They had delicious pizza from Hometown Pizza, and Donna made a big salad and cookies for dessert. Submitted by Donna Gardiner-Spano. 
2019 Pool Information
More information regarding pool rules & guidelines can be found under documents.


Dam Construction
Construction of the dam began on Monday 4/29 and will last 6 months. You can check the progress for the duration of the project by clicking on the blue box on the right side of this screen titled "Construction Dam Cam". Please, note that the walkway across the dam and pool 2 will be closed for the project.


HV Information Channel

The HV Information Channel on MATV digital channel 16.1 is now available to view on the HV website. You can view it by clicking on the blue box on the right side of his page that says MATV and HV Information Channel.


CT Water regarding the installation of water meters
The Heritage Village maintenance department does not install water meters. Installation of a water meter requires a structural variance and a building permit from the Town Of Southbury. If you are interested in having a water meter installed, contact The heritage Village Water Company at 203-264-8100 for information. 
Upcoming Events
FOCUS Schedule
Monday, August 19th to Sunday, August 25th

A private television channel only for the residents of Heritage Village.

August HVF/HVMA Board Meeting
Tuesday, August 27th
9:00 am in Sarah Cooke Hall
Calendar Changes
August Calendar Changes
  • Tues. 8/20-Singers Board from 5-6 pm in Room D
  • Wed. 8/21-Condo 11 from 6-8 pm in the Card Room/Patio
MATV and HV Information Channel
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Message Board
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