There's No Place Like Heritage Village                                              

A unique, 55+ active adult community located in Connecticut's beautiful town of Southbury, surrounded by natural ponds, rivers, and trails. Residents enjoy a wide variety of clubs, activities, tennis courts, and beautiful private pools. An 18 hole golf course that winds its way through Heritage Village is available for membership also, a 9 hole course and par 3 course are adjacent to the village. It's a hub of activity situated peacefully and conveniently between the excitement of Manhattan, and all the best of Boston. We are home to a diverse group of active, friendly residents who will tell you “Heritage Village is a great place to visit and an even better place to call home."   


Dam Update

Work on the dam is progressing! Tomorrow the lowering of the pond will begin. The pumps will be running all day and night through Friday, May 24th.  They will not run through the Memorial Day weekend, but will start up again on Tuesday, May 28th. 


Don't forget to watch the progress on the Dam Cam in the safety of your home.



Cluster Shows Appreciation

A Cluster Care Luncheon for the grounds crew was sponsored by Condo 7- Cluster 3 for their outstanding work. The residents really do appreciate the hard work that they do and put out a nice lunch as shown for the workers.

Raccoon Visits the Meeting House
Today on the roof we had a visitor for a short while. He said hello by looking into our window on the 2nd floor executive office window, stayed around a bit then climbed down.
Meeting House Visitor
Dam Construction
Construction of the dam began on Monday 4/29 and will last 6 months. You can check the progress for the duration of the project by clicking on the blue box on the right side of this screen titled "Construction Dam Cam". Please, note that the walkway across the dam and pool 2 will be closed for the project.


Italian Renaissance Club- First Annual Golf Tournament 

Special Notice to all residents from the Safety Committee

In the past two weeks, a total of 4 bears and one coyote have been spotted. A mother bear was seen with her two big cubs and she will fiercely defend them. Please remove bird feeders and make sure your trash bins are closed properly and latch all tops.  They will get into any trash left that is not secure. Be wise and be safe. The bears were spotted in Krueger and Winship areas, the coyote in the Hilltop area.


What's with the Rhododendrons?

Rhododendrons throughout the village, towns and state have suffered winter damage that is a cause of concern. Click here for more information


Medicare Fraud Alerts

The Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) is a program to empower and assist Medicare beneficiaries, their families, and their caregivers to prevent, detect, and report health care fraud, errors, and abuse through outreach, counseling, and education. Click here to read


HV Information Channel

The HV Information Channel on MATV digital channel 16.1 is now available to view on the HV website. You can view it by clicking on the blue box on the right side of his page that says MATV and HV Information Channel.


CT Water regarding the installation of water meters
The Heritage Village maintenance department does not install water meters. Installation of a water meter requires a structural variance and a building permit from the Town Of Southbury. If you are interested in having a water meter installed, contact The heritage Village Water Company at 203-264-8100 for information. 
Upcoming Events
FOCUS Schedule
Monday, May 20th to Sunday, May 26th

A private television channel only for the residents of Heritage Village.

May HVF/HVMA Board Meeting
Tuesday, May 28th
9:00 am in Sarah Cooke Hall
6th Annual Community Gathering
Thursday, June 13th
The 6th Annual Community Gathering will be held at Sarah Cooke Hall on June 13 at 1:00 pm. 
Calendar Changes
May Calendar Changes
Wed. 5/22 Energy Cmte @ 2 pm in the Card Room has been changed to 5/22 @ 2 pm in the Adams Room
Wed. 5/22 Condo 15 @ 6 pm in FL will be meeting Wed. 5/22 @ 5 pm on the Lodge Patio/Pond Lounge
Thurs. 5/30 Wright’s Farm @ 8:30 am from MH Paddock has been canceled
MATV and HV Information Channel
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Message Board
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