There's No Place Like Heritage Village                                              

A unique, 55+ active adult community, Heritage Village is located in Connecticut's beautiful town of Southbury, surrounded by natural ponds, rivers, and trails. Residents enjoy a wide variety of clubs, activities, tennis courts, and beautiful private swimming pools. An 18-hole golf course that winds its way through Heritage Village is available for membership. A 9-hole course and par 3 course are adjacent to the village. Heritage Village is a hub of activity conveniently situated between the excitement of Manhattan and all the best of Boston. We are home to a diverse group of active, friendly residents who will tell you “Heritage Village is a great place to visit and an even better place to call home."  

Heritage Village Master Association/Heritage Village Foundation Non-Discrimination Policy - Click here to download policy

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Volunteers Needed
  1. The President of Heritage Village Management Association/Heritage Village Foundation is seeking an “intervenor” to represent HV at the negotiating table with the Town of Southbury, the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, and the Connecticut Water Co. about a proposed 19% water rate increase. This position needs someone with analytical skills, a gift for advocacy, and an ability to speak as a representative of HV.
  2. The Finance Committee needs members with Excel skills and backgrounds in accounting.
  3. The Archives Committee is searching for members with an interest in researching HV and the ability to prepare displays.
  4. The Environment & Landscape Committee is looking for volunteers for spring projects.
  5. Condo 5 is searching for a Vice President
  6. Condo 5 also needs a Second Trustee
     If interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Terry Calnan, Heritage Village’s Volunteer Coordinator at 772-828-0370, or email her at theresa.calnan513@gmail.com.
     Thank you.
Preregistration for COVID-19 Vaccinations in Heritage Village
Heritage Village management is working with Community Health Center, Inc., of Connecticut, to set up COVID-19 vaccination clinics right here at the Village.
     Although the details of the planned vaccination clinics are still in the process of being finalized, we have already created a SignUpGenius form on this page’s  “Online Reservations” blue band for all the information that CHC needs from Villagers BEFORE they will be registered for a vaccination appointment.
     We ask that any resident who wishes to receive the two COVID-19 vaccination shots at a clinic in the Village provide the information requested. Do not worry about your age or which phase of the vaccine rollout you belong in, as our Safety and Emergency Services team will take that into account. They will make up a spreadsheet, which they will then transfer to CHC’s own system. This will speed up the establishment of these clinics.
     Please keep in mind that:
  • This link does NOT set up a vaccine appointment. Think of it as starting a virtual line, so that when the clinics are finalized, the process will go faster.
  • You must fill out the form to get a vaccination appointment through CHC.
  • Every Villager who wants a vaccination through CHC at the Village MUST fill out a separate form. Husbands and wives need to have their own forms.
  • You will not be charged for the vaccine, but your insurance information is needed so CHC may seek reimbursement for an administrative cost. Even if you do not have insurance, you will be able to receive the vaccine.
  • As soon as the vaccination clinics are finalized, we will announce them.
  • Any Villager who lacks access to the internet may call Donna Farrell at the Activities Desk, (203) 264-9644 Option 1, for help.
Interested in learning what is behind foreign affairs headlines? Sign up for Great Decisions 2021.
The program highlights some of today's most significant foreign policy issues. Click here for a list of the topics that will be covered. Seminar leaders will be Ed Edelson and Paul Hefele. Sessions will be held via Zoom from 1 to 3 p.m. on Wednesday afternoons. The first discussion is on January 27. Subsequent dates: Wed. 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, and 3/17. Cost: $29, which includes the briefing book. Register by calling Activities at 203-264-9644, option 1. Six slots are still available.
Heritage Village has been named number 11 in the top 25 retirement destinations in the US in a recent Consumer Affairs article.
We also had a perfect score for the amenities we offer. Click here to read the Consumer Affairs article.
HVMA/HVF Meeting – Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 10:00 am
Information on how to join the meeting can be found under the Administrative Zoom Meetings blue band.
Congratulations to Ruth and Joseph Lenahan on their 80th anniversary!
But that’s not all they’re celebrating: Happy 100th Birthday to “Jim,” as he’s called, and very soon
(on January 31) Happy 100th Birthday to Ruth. Thanks for contributing so much to the Village, you two!
COVID-19 Vaccinations Available for Villagers 75 and Up!
Making Your Appointment – The Pomperaug District Department of Health began taking appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations for those 75 and up on Friday, January 15, at 9:00 am. Click here to set up an appointment.
     Please use the link if you can, because you will receive email reminders and have ready access to required forms. But if you do not have a computer, you may call PDDH from Monday through Fridays, 9 am to 12 pm, at 203-264-9616, ext. 7, to make an appointment.
     Be prepared for wait times and some frustration, since this is early stages yet!
     If you do not have access to a computer, the forms will be available at the following locations:
  • Pomperaug District Department of Health office, located at Playhouse Corner, 77 Main Street North, Suite 205, Southbury, in a box located outside of the office door
  • Outside the HVMA Maintenance office, HV Activities Building, and HV Meeting House.
State of Connecticut Offers COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling Options
Click here for the state's information on vaccine access for those 75 and older. Due to high traffic volume at websites and phone lines, eligible residents in Phase 1B may encounter delays scheduling appointments to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Please try back later. Appointment availability is limited, but new time slots will open as they become available. Please be patient.
Three Online Activities in February
Karaoke  Thursday, February 19, 2021 7:00 pm
Heart Happy Scavenger Hunt  Friday, February 12, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Paint and Sip!  Thursday, February 25, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
For more information on these activities check the Online Reservations blue band.
Dates for FREE COVID-19 Testing in February at Heritage Village
Community Health Center, Inc. will offer free COVID-19 testing on Wednesday, February 10 and Thursday, February 11. Details on how to sign up will be posted as soon as they are available.
     Heritage Village Master Association is partnering with Community Health Center to provide HV residents and staff with on-site COVID-19 testing every month. There will be no charge for the tests and insurance information will not be required. 
Connecticut Water Company request for rate increase
As many of you are aware, the Connecticut Water Company will be requesting that the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority allow them to raise their current rates by approximately 20%. The HVMA Administration strongly feels that this will cause unnecessary hardship to our residents. For this reason, HVMA President, Gerry Leventhal, has sent a letter to PURA, as well as a copy to Governor Ned Lamont’s office asking that Heritage Village be allowed to appoint an intervenor to have our voice heard. Click here to read Gerry's letter.
     We are now looking for those who may be interested in representing Heritage Village when this comes before PURA. Anyone interested in filling this much needed position please reach out to the Executive Office by emailing Jenn Fenn at jfenn@hvmaster.com or Gerry Leventhal at gleventhal@hvmaster.com.
The Town of Southbury has Experienced an Uptick in Confirmed Rabid Wildlife
Unfortunately, on 01/04/21, there was a Bobcat attack on a pet and her two owners in Southbury. Though this was a rare and isolated incident, it is important for residents to be aware.
     Thankfully, the dog was up to date on her Rabies vaccinations and the owners began their Rabies vaccination series. The dog has been placed on a 45 day strict confinement and should make a recovery. If the pet had not had a Rabies vaccination, she may have been placed on a six month quarantine, or even been subject to mandated euthanasia as Rabies virus poses a public health and safety issue.
     This serves as a reminder of the importance of vaccinations for pets. Animal Control asks owners to make certain that all pets, indoor and outdoor, are up to date with their rabies vaccinations.
     Animal Control would like to remind pet owners to supervise their pets and to be cautious of leaving them unattended while outdoors. While walking outside or hiking, it is recommended to have a second person accompanying you and to carry an air horn.
     Some common symptoms of rabies can be unprovoked aggression, difficulty walking, and excess salivation. If you or your pet have had contact with wildlife, call Southbury Animal Control and follow up with a healthcare provider and/or veterinarian.
    For further questions, or to report wildlife contact with a human or pet, please call Southbury Animal Control at 203-262-0613.
Trustees will Vote on the Amended Bylaws at the January 26 Meeting
2021 Trash and Recycling Schedule
The new schedule is posted on the Documents page.
Chimney Cleaning Reminder
The Village has recently had a chimney fire due to a flue that had not been cleaned. During this winter season we would like to remind residents that the cleaning of chimney flues is the responsibility of the unit owner not the HVMA. Please do not assume that your chimney is prepared for a fire. Please have a professional look at it before using your fireplace. And always be sure that your flue is open before using. 
Living with Pets
We want to remind you to keep your pets indoors, unless you have them on a leash. Along with the beautiful wooded landscape that Heritage Village has to offer, there is also the risk of pets getting lost and the risk from natural wildlife. We also want to make sure that any resident who is not an animal lover is not bothered by any of our pets. One last reminder: Please remember to pick up after your pets and throw the bags away appropriately. Please do your part to keep your dearly loved pets safe and our beautiful village clean.