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Village bylaws, rules, and certificates changes done
Posted on Sep 9, 2017

The Document Rectification Committee will meet one more time to make sure all the amendments are included in the documents to be sent to Attorney M. Perlstein who has been the advisor to the committee on state and federal legislation that affects condominiums.  It will be his task to certify the language in the new documents says what the directors and trustees meant it to say.
Following M. Perlstein’s review, the final documents will be printed and mailed to all 2580 unit owners.  A hearing on the changes will be held and unit owners will have their opportunity to express their views about the new documents.  M. Perlstein will attend the hearing to answer questions about the way something is worded.  The directors and trustees will make any changes that may need to be made at that time, and let the unit owners know of the possible changes. 
Finally, a special meeting of the trustees and directors will be called for the purpose of adopting the new documents.  For the bylaws and rules a two-thirds vote of the entire Boards of Trustees and Directors is necessary for adoption.  For the certificates, a two-thirds vote of a quorum present will adopt the new certificates.  President Ron Conti is hoping that the vote will take place as soon as November 2018.  Looks like the process will take eight years in all.