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Finance Committee sends budget with options to Trustees
Posted on Jul 16, 2017

Insurance, again this year, is driving unavoidable increases in the Village costs.  In addition to property and liability, health care for non-union employees has been added to the mix.  The question of 24/7 security patrol was examined to see if savings could be made by reducing their hours of patrol, thus the two options.
The first safety option is to continue with the same twenty-four hour security that has been in effect for a number of years.  The second option is to reduce the number of hours from 24 to 12.  A study of security calls will be made to determine times when security calls have been received in the past.  The 12 hours are not necessarily consecutive hours.  They  may be split 6 + 6 or 8 + 4 or some other combination to get the best coverage throughout a 24 hour time period..
Using Option # 1 the overall increase in the 2018 budget comes to about 4.37%.  Reducing the hours for Option #2 the overall increase is around 3.86%, and saves about $3.00/month.
Trustees have the full budget information to share at condo meetings.  The information is posted on the Village website on the HVMA Financial page.  Click here to view the document.