Activities Building

Heritage Village Activities Building
Sarah Cooke Hall is a 200-seat auditorium, which hosts concerts, films, plays, and musicals by both internationally known troupes, such as the Jupiter Symphony Chamber Players, as well as the Village’s own theater, music, and dance groups. Large meetings and lectures take place here, as do volleyball, badminton, pickleball, and social events, including dinners and dances.
The Fitness Center offers modern fitness equipment,  free weights and weight machines, as well as an indoor walking track. With locker rooms, free WiFi, and multiple TVs. Personal training available. Classes include Zumba, chair exercise, and balance work. AquaFit classes are offered in the summer.
The Activities Desk is the place to sign up for the many activities, events, and trips, both local and international, that Heritage Village offers. Whether it’s a trip to NYC’s Metropolitan Museum, a cruise by Newport’s mansions, a photo safari in the Serengeti, or a visit to the Mayan pyramids, the Activities Desk will get you there.
The Multi-purpose Room serves as a venue for fitness classes, as well as for line dancing. Meetings not large enough for Sarah Cooke Hall may also be found here.
Meeting Room D provides seating for lectures and meetings, but with a grand piano, it’s often used for get-togethers after events in Sarah Cooke Hall.
The Heritage Gallery runs the length of the Activities Building. Clubs and groups may apply to their work throughout the year, and Villagers view art ranging from photographs and watercolors, to oils and acrylics.
The Web Room is the home of the Computer Club. Non-members may set up appointments for tech support and meet in this space.
The Print Shop is used exclusively by Heritage Village management for its own printing needs.