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Survey responses on Facebook remain constant after month and a half
Posted on Nov 26, 2017

There are a number of safeguards that will have to be set up.  Who will be responsible for posting official announcements from the village?   Who will monitor the page for decorum?  What additional safeguards will be needed?
If you are interested in participating in a small committee to work on setting up and monitoring a proposed Facebook page, please send your name and preferred contact information to
Comment By: Robert Scarlett
Posted on Nov 26, 2017

Signing HV up for a Facebook page is a mistake. Facebook does a very poor job policing themselves on security issues. This is evident as It was used by Russia to meddle in our elections. We already have a viable website that we should continue to enhance. Why risk a Facebook catastrophe? Facebook’s goal, is to collect as much information about us as they can, and provide it to their advertisers