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Trustees/Directors vote to try concurrent Village Board meetings
Posted on May 26, 2017

Heritage Village is made up of twenty-four separate condominiums.  Representatives from each of those condominiums have created the Heritage Village Master Association, and each has a single trustee that makes decisions for the operation of the Village as a whole—including the residential units.  On the other hand, every unit owner is a member of the Heritage Village Foundation which oversees the common buildings of the Village, such as the Activities Building, Lodge, etc.  Decisions about the Foundation Buildings have been delegated to the twenty-four trustees from the twenty-four condos, and they now become Directors of the Heritage Village Foundation Board of Directors.
Since time immemorial the HVMA Trustees have been meeting monthly to discuss HVMA matters.  When the trustees finish talking, they adjourn the meeting.  Following a five-minute break, the same individuals become Directors of the HVF and they talk some more about Foundation things.  These are the same people attending two separate meetings on the same day.  Every year in December the newly-elected Trustees/Director held an organizational meeting to authorize the officers to sign documents for the HVMA/HVF and to elect representatives to the Executive Committee.  In odd numbered years the officers are also elected. 
In December 2016; however, the organizational meeting of the Trustees and the organizational meeting of the Directors were held concurrently, or at the same time.  Instead of two separate meetings, a single meeting with a single agenda took place.  For each action item pertaining to the HVMA, the trustees took a weighted vote as prescribed by the HVMA Bylaws.  For each item pertaining to the HVF, the directors voted a single vote as the HVF Bylaws require.  Election of the Executive Committee Members was held, and the meeting adjourned.  One agenda, separate votes, one meeting and one set of minutes of the meeting.
Since January, the Executive Committees have met concurrently.  Most of the Executive Board Committee members agreed that the concurrent meeting procedure made it less confusing.  There was one report from the manager.  One report from the president, etc.  A motion was made to recommend the trustees/directors hold a concurrent meeting of the HVMA and HVF for a three-month trial period.  The period would evaluate holding all future meetings of the HVMA and HVF concurrently.  If approved by the trustees and the directors at the May meetings, the June through August meetings will be held concurrently.
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