Heritage Village is a unique, 55+ active retirement community nestled in Connecticut's beautiful Litchfield Hills, surrounded by natural ponds, rivers and trails.  Residents enjoy a wide variety of clubs and activities, an 18 hole golf course, tennis courts, and beautiful private pools.  It's a hub of activity situated peacefully and conveniently between the excitement of Manhattan, and all the best of Boston.  We are home to a diverse group of active, friendly and discriminating seniors who will tell you "Heritage Village is a great place to visit, and an even better place to call home."  WHERE TRADITION MEETS TOMORROW.
There's no place like Heritage Village. 
Trustees/Directers meet 2x before end of month
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Two meetings of the Village Boards are scheduled each of the next two weeks.  This Friday Trustees are meeting with the HVAA, and the regular January meeting of the Board of Trustees/Directors follows on Tuesday, January 24.
The Friday BYLAW meetings will not be broadcast live on channel 14, but they will be recorded and rebroadcast during the following week.  THE HVMA - HVAA SPECIAL MEETING WILL BE BROADCAST LIVE. The Trustees/Directors meeting on Tuesday will be broadcast live and rebroadcast the next three days as usual.
Click the link below to see the full schedule and rebroadcast dates.
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Southbury Patch repeats Eversource scam warning
Posted on Jan 11, 2017 Comments (0)
Editor's Note:  We ran this article back in November, but the scams have not gone away.  A Villager received two of these calls recently.  One promised solar panels and the other offered a generation rate of 12 cents.  The going rate from Eversource right now is 7.87 c/per KWH for a 12 month fixed rate.
In both calls, the caller asked for the account number on the Eversource bill. 
Scams involve phone calls and door-to-door solicitation
Eversource Energy officials said business and residential customers are continuing to get calls and visits from individuals claiming to be “representatives” or “partners” of Eversource.  They are either scams, or a competitor’s utility officials said.
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CAI ponders special assessments to be implemented like budget vote
Posted on Jan 9, 2017 Comments (0)
Revised Jan. 16, 2017
A survey by the Community Association Legislative Activity Committee members on issues that could be implemented this legislative session without costing the state additional money came up with the following:
  • Loan process to be similar to budget ratification process
  • Change requirement for manager to be bonded instead of buying insurance
  • Insulate association boards from criminal liability to use same standard as for non-profit board
  • Change requirement of certified mail for owner notifications
  • Definition of what is a “rule”
  • Towing on association property to be the same as statute for business signage
  • Dogs roaming on common property (Dog catcher bill)
The item which may have the largest impact in the Village may be the effort to change the process for approving loans.  Because many condos across the state have had difficulty getting approval to take out a loan, CAI would like to explore using the same process as is used to approve budgets.  Everywhere in the state outside of the Village, budgets are rejected by a majority of unit owners it the unit owners do not like the budget.  Loans, however, must be approved by a majority of unit owners. 
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Study: Elders who use tech tools feel less lonely, more physically fit
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Staying connected cited as important to well-being
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Forget bingo and shuffleboard. Use of computers and cellphones is linked to higher levels of mental and physical well-being among those over age 80, according to new research.
And these elders - dubbed “the oldest old,” a generation typically ignored by the youth-obsessed tech industry - are motivated for the same reasons as digital-savvy millennials: to stay connected.
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Village marketing website joins dinosaurs
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The marketing website at www.heritagevillage.org is now extinct.  The information on the site was totally outdated.  The information that was on that site now exists on our current website www.HeritageCTVlg.org, and will be updated shortly.  It was a wonderful site when is sprang to life a number of years ago.  It was very creative and professionally done.  Unfortunately we did not maintain it properly and it died of malnutrition.
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Directory Info change form available on line
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Directory deadline for changes extended to January 20
The 2017 Directory Update form on p. 6 of the January Bulletin did not contain all five of the choices to check at the bottom of the form.  If you need to make a change in your Village Directory listing you can use the form on the web at the Service Requests link.  Click on the link and select Email & Resident Directory Updates from the Select a Form drop down menu.
You can also print out a PDF of the complete form by clicking here.  On some computers you will be able to fill out the form right on your computer and then print a copy to send in.  If you are unable to fill out the form on your computer, print out a copy and then write in your changes. Follow the directions on the form for submitting it to the office.
Unless you have a name, phone number, or other change and wish to keep your options the same, please do not use the form in the Bulletin.  All changes must be in by January 20, 2017. (new)

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Upcoming Events
Snow Removal Schedule
Wednesday, December 21st to Saturday, January 28th
January Calendar Chnges
Sunday, January 1st to Tuesday, January 31st
Mon. 1/9, 1/16, 1/23 & 1/30
NEW Ten Pins @ 9:45 Wolcott
Fri. 1/13, 1/20 & 1/27
NEW Ducks & Drakes @ 9:15 Dnby
Fri. 1/6       HVMA -- HVAA Mtg @ 10 in SCH has been postponed to Fri. 1/20 @ 10 in SCH NEW: Live Broadcast
Tues. 1/10     50th Anv Mtg @ 2 in GR has been postponed to Tues. 1/17 @ 2 in GR
Tues. 1/17    Current Events @ 7:00 pm in Room D has been cancelled
Thurs. 1/19    Condo 11 @ 9:30 in GR has been cancelled
Fri. 1/20     Badminton @ 8:30 in SCH has been cancelled      
Fri. 1/20     Condo 24 @ 9:30 in MR has been cancelled
Mon. 1/23     Writers’ Group @ 6:30 in D has been moved to Mon. 1/30 @ 6:30 in D  (so that...)
Mon. 1/23     Ping Pong will be held at 7 pm in Room D
Wed. 1/25  Risk Management @ 10 in GR
Thurs. 1/26 B&P Art Film @ 10 in D
Fri.  1/27    Karaoke Night @ 7 in LPL should read Karaoke Night @ 7 in MAIN
Mon. 1/30     Ping Pong @ 7 in D has been cancelled  (see Mon. 1/23)
FOCUS Schedule for the week of January 16
Sunday, January 15th to Sunday, January 22nd
The News on 14 at 9:00 AM, 12:00 noon and 7:30 PM
Discovery with Betty Ramey at 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM and 7 PM  on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
In The Public Interest HVF Directors Bylaws Meeting REBROADCAST Wednesday, January 18, at 4PM and Thursday, January 19, at 8;  Friday REBROADCAST cancelled because of Ambulance live telecast
HVMA - Ambulance Ass’n Meeting in SCH: LIVE BROADCAST Friday, January 20, 10 AM
HVMA - HVAA Meeting in SCH:  REBROADCAST Saturday, January 21, at 8PM, and Sunday, January 22, at
9:30 AM
January Condo Meeting Schedule
Monday, January 16th to Monday, January 23rd
Cond Date Time Place
1 No Meeting Scheduled
2 1/17 2 pm Card Room
3 1/23 9:30 am Music Room
4 1/16 1:45 pm Room D
5 1/19 9:30 am Fireside Lounge
6 1/16 10 am Room D
7 1/19 9:30 am Card Room
8 1/19 10 am Room D
9 No Meeting Scheduled
10 1/18 2 pm Card Room
11 1/19  CANCELLED Gun Room
12 1/17 3 pm Room D
13 1/19 10:30 am Music Room
14 1/17 9:30 Fireside Lounge
15 1/18 6 pm Fireside Lounge
16 1/19 1 pm Music Room
17 1/17 10 am Music Room
18 1/17 10 am Room D
19 1/23 1:15 pm Music Room
20 No Meeting Scheduled
21 1/16 2:30 pm Music Room
22 1/17 10 am Card Room
23 No Meeting Scheduled
24 1/20    CANCELLED Music Room
HVAA -- HVMA meeting on letter moved to Jan 20
Friday, January 20th, 10:00 am at Sarah Cooke Hall

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